At Tri-State Speedway we love to help others! One of the many ways we do that is by hosting fundraising events. Some of these events include, but are not limited to:


A marathon of roller skating seeing who can outlast the other skaters based on endurance and rink games. The last one skating on the rink will be named the winner, and there will be other small prizes throughout the event. Entry fee covers the admission as well as skate rentals, the fee is usually $10 per person. The fee will be split between the rink and the hosting fundraiser, the entry fee is adjustable and can be further discussed upon booking an event.

Family Fun Day

A fun filled day where everything that is bought by people attending your event, besides tokens, rewards the hosting fundraiser with 25% of the check. The percentage is adjustable and can be discussed upon booking the event.

Pool/Dart Tournament

A contest to determine who is the best at any of our bar sports in a double elimination bracket. Entry fee is usually $20 per person with 75% of each entry going to the hosting fundraiser, and the other 25% going to the winner of the tournament. The Entry fee is adjustable and can be discussed upon booking an event.

If you have any interest in booking any kind of fundraiser, please contact us to get started!

PHONE: (508) 671 9030